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I had my first consultation with Lynn Houghton in June of this year after a wrist fracture in September 2019 left me with very restricted wrist movement and very poor grip in my hand and fingers.  Previously I had attended NHS physiotherapy and weekly private physio sessions with only slight improvement.

On my first session with Lynn it was suggested that I wear a splint, to be worn at night in bed.  The splint was moulded to my wrist and would be adjusted by Lynn on my next visit.  On my second visit to Lynn two weeks later there was a noticeable improvement in my wrist. On subsequent visits to Lynn the splint was altered and different exercises were recomended.

I have been attending Lynn's clinic for three months on a fortnightly basis and have seen improvement in finger movement and grip and wrist movement.

Thanks Lynn.

Mr M, October 2020

I'm very grateful for Lynn's help and expertise in addressing my work-related wrist and hand pain. The custom wrist splints she made for intersection syndrome have made a real difference in my recovery. Lynn's been able to identify underlying factors contributing to the problem and has helped me work towards long-term strengthening to prevent recurrence. I wish I had visited Lynn at the start of my injury. I'm really pleased with the improvement in my wrists and can highly recommend Lynn's practice.

IT, May 2021

Being unable to get NHS treatment, due to Lockdown following surgery on my hand, I am so please I found Lyn, if not I truly believe I would of been in serious trouble regaining any use of the hand, very patient and understanding.
Mr T.B